Articles | Volume 4
06 Jun 2023
 | 06 Jun 2023

Visualizing of the below-ground water network infrastructure

Sibe van den Beukel, Edward Verbree, and Peter van Oosterom

Keywords: Augmented Reality, GNSS, 3D, GIS, Underground Utility Networks

Abstract. This research addresses the design and the utilization of vertical reference features in Augmented Reality (AR) to aid in providing perspective from underground pipes to the ground surface. The study utilizes 3D GIS data and assigns Z coordinates to the Underground Utility Networks (UUNs) using the AHN4 digital elevation data of the Netherlands (and either use standard depth or surveyed depth). However, registering Z coordinates and related data at the vertex level presents data registration issues that Esri's current Utility Network Model (UNM) cannot accommodate. A supplementary data model is required to address this, which can be achieved through vertical reference features. These multifunctional features emphasize the height difference between the pipe and the ground surface and can be used in AR applications to provide better depth clues. Additionally, polygons signatures and flow direction are utilized to enhance visualization.