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AGILE: GIScience Series Open-access proceedings of the Association of Geographic Information Laboratories in Europe
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Articles | Volume 3
AGILE GIScience Ser., 3, 45, 2022
AGILE GIScience Ser., 3, 45, 2022
11 Jun 2022
11 Jun 2022

Making Space a better Place: Just In Time Adaptive Interventions for Healthy Lifestyles

Arend Ligtenberg1, Monique Simons2, Marjolein Barhorst2, and Laura Winkens2 Arend Ligtenberg et al.
  • 1Laboratory of Geo-Information and Remote Sensing, Wageningen University and Research, the Netherlands
  • 2Consumption and Healthy Lifestyles Chair group, Wageningen University and Research, the Netherlands

Keywords: JITAI, LBS, movement analyses, healthy lifestyle

Abstract. Just In Time Adaptive Interventions (JITAI) are a class of applications that provide tailored support at the right time and place to help people to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This paper presents the initial version of a JITAI application that helps users to make healthy food choices when walking in an urban environment. The app provides interventions based on location, time, and user characteristics. It adapts its interventions based on the type and goal of a user. The JITAI consist of an app for a mobile phone and a backend server. Using the backend, decision points and interventions can be managed as well as users. Moreover, it stores tracks and intervention data. A two-phased experiment will be set-up. The first phase will test the robustness and functionality of the application with a limited number of users. Based on this, the app will be adapted. The second phase will test the effectiveness of the different type of interventions by involving a large user group.

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