Articles | Volume 4
06 Jun 2023
 | 06 Jun 2023

Exploring Estonian Forests and Urban Green Spaces: A Cultural Ecosystem Services Mapping Approach Using Flickr Photographs

Tahmin Sitab, Oleksandr Karasov, and Alexander Kmoch

Keywords: cultural ecosystem services, Estonia, forest, urban green area, PUD, Flickr

Abstract. With the increasing use of social media, we can analyze digital data to gain insights into social and cultural aspects of landscapes and cities. The understanding of the existing cultural ecosystem services (CES) can help improve human life quality through proper planning and execution of plans. This study aims to locate CES produced by Estonian forests and urban green spaces using Flickr photographs. Quantitative analysis of Flickr photos identified hot spots within the study area and determined the suitable distance of CES accessibility. CES were categorized into four categories: recreation, sense of identity, aesthetic pleasure, and education. The results showed aesthetic pleasure and sense of identity were the most identified CES, while recreation and education were identified less. Factors such as population density, seasonal variation, biodiversity, accessibility, and facilities can impact the identification of CES. While social media data has limitations, combining qualitative research methods with surveys and questionnaires can provide a more well-rounded result. The findings can help stakeholders make better plans and management policies for Estonian forests and urban green spaces.