Articles | Volume 3
11 Jun 2022
 | 11 Jun 2022

Assemble geo-analytical questions through a Blockly-based natural language interface

Haiqi Xu, Enkhbold Nyamsuren, and Simon Scheider

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Semantic complexity of geographic questions - A comparison in terms of conceptual transformations of answers
Enkhbold Nyamsuren, Haiqi Xu, Eric J. Top, Simon Scheider, and Niels Steenbergen
AGILE GIScience Ser., 4, 10,,, 2023
Extracting interrogative intents and concepts from geo-analytic questions
Haiqi Xu, Ehsan Hamzei, Enkhbold Nyamsuren, Han Kruiger, Stephan Winter, Martin Tomko, and Simon Scheider
AGILE GIScience Ser., 1, 23,,, 2020