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AGILE: GIScience Series Open-access proceedings of the Association of Geographic Information Laboratories in Europe
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Articles | Volume 3
11 Jun 2022
 | 11 Jun 2022

Geodata source retrieval by multilingual/semantic query expansion: the Case of Google Translate and WordNet version 3.1

Maryam Sajjadian and Simon Scheider

Keywords: semantic, query expansion, information retrieval metrics

Abstract. In this article, we examined the potential of the current version of WordNet and Google Translate API to enhance the quality of geodata source retrieval in the Dutch geoinformation portal (PDOK) using semantic keywords for the geographic phenomena requested. Keywords gathered from real users’ questions in natural language extracted in an English corpus. Then, these keywords were expanded using WordNet and Google Translate API. Lastly, the results of query expansion were evaluated compared to a manual gold standard and based on information retrieval metrics. Our study shows that the results of query expansion help users by reformulating good alternative queries.

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