Articles | Volume 3
11 Jun 2022
 | 11 Jun 2022

Optimization of Agricultural Fertilization Strategies based on Meteorological and Edaphic parameters: Analysis of Site-Specific Geoinformation to Support Decision Making

Hardy Pundt, Roksolana Pleshkanovska, Enrico Thiel, Thomas Kreuter, Florian Eißner, Denise Assmann, Falk Böttcher, and Michael Grunert

Keywords: fertilization, agriculture, GIS, decision making

Abstract. Within the framework of the project “StaPrax-Regio”, Nitrogen-(N)-fertilization strategies will be developed aiming at the minimization of emissions of N into the environment (groundwater, air) due to non-availability for the crops. The consequence of such strategies is an improved absorption of N by the crops, instead of its loss. Meteorological and edaphic, as well as other factors play an important role to find out the optimal fertilization practice at a specific site. Most of the data to be considered is spatial which leads to the conclusion that GIS is an adequate means to support data analysis and, finally, decision making. Results can be visualized cartographically and maps can serve as means to support the finding of optimal practices for specific locations by farmers, agricultural consultants, scientists, and other stakeholders. The paper presents some first insights from project work in progress.