Articles | Volume 2
04 Jun 2021
 | 04 Jun 2021

Educing knowledge from text: semantic information extraction of spatial concepts and places

Evangelos Papadias, Margarita Kokla, and Eleni Tomai

Keywords: semantic annotation, ontology-based information extraction, natural language, spatial concepts, spatial entities

Abstract. A growing body of geospatial research has shifted the focus from fully structured to semistructured and unstructured content written in natural language. Natural language texts provide a wealth of knowledge about geospatial concepts, places, events, and activities that needs to be extracted and formalized to support semantic annotation, knowledge-based exploration, and semantic search. The paper presents a web-based prototype for the extraction of geospatial entities and concepts, and the subsequent semantic visualization and interactive exploration of the extraction results. A lightweight ontology anchored in natural language guides the interpretation of natural language texts and the extraction of relevant domain knowledge. The approach is applied on three heterogeneous sources which provide a wealth of spatial concepts and place names.