Articles | Volume 5
30 May 2024
 | 30 May 2024

OER4SDI: Open Educational Resources for Spatial Data Infrastructures

Carsten Keßler, Albert Remke, Henryk Hodam, Fabian Przybylak, and Andreas Rienow

Keywords: Open Educational Resources, Spatial Data Infrastructures, Education, Training

Abstract. Education on spatial data infrastructures is an important building block of study programs focusing on spatial data. The focus is on equipping students with essential skills for future contributions to spatial data infrastructure development and application. Despite a wide range of available teaching materials, their reuse is hindered by a lack of harmonization and integration into learning modules. This paper reports on the activities in the "Open Educational Resources for Spatial Data Infrastructures" (OER4SDI) project, which addresses this gap by developing easily reusable teaching materials for spatial data infrastructures. OER4SDI strives to create high-quality, findable, accessible, interoperable, and easily reusable (FAIR) educational resources, fostering efficient knowledge exchange in the field of spatial data infrastructures. The project puts a special focus on the modularity of open educational resources to enable reuse in a wide variety of settings. We describe the workflows and technical setup we use to enable collaborative development of open educational resources and their continuous revision, which is vital in this rapidly evolving field. Three example open educational resources for spatial data infrastructures are given, dealing with the "AAA Data Catalog", "OGC Open API Features", and "Knowledge Graphs". We share the lessons learned from the project to foster the development of more high-quality open educational resources in our community.