Articles | Volume 5
30 May 2024
 | 30 May 2024

Assessment of bicycle accessibility to mobility hubs under different criteria for cycling network quality

Lucas van der Meer, Christian Werner, and Martin Loidl

Keywords: bicycle accessibility, public transport, mobility hubs, bikeability, urban planning, sustainable mobility

Abstract. The criteria used to delineate the cycling network have large implications on computed levels of bicycle accessibility to mobility hubs. We present an approach to bicycle accessibility assessment that gives insights into these implications. First, we compute a bicycle suitability index for each street segment in the proximity of a hub. Then, we compute how many households have access to the hub using only streets with a bicycle suitability above a given index threshold, while not accepting a detour from the shortest path beyond a given detour threshold. We repeat this for different combinations of threshold values that reflect varying quality standards for the cycling network. The results are presented by means of graphs and maps that show how computed levels of bicycle accessibility vary under different criteria.