Articles | Volume 4
06 Jun 2023
 | 06 Jun 2023

Mapping Logistics Development in the Netherlands

Apeksha Tare, Merten Nefs, Eric Koomen, and Erik Verhoef

Keywords: Logistics, Location, Land-use change, Spatial analysis, The Netherlands

Abstract. The increasing demand for logistics real estate calls for a better understanding of the location dynamics of logistics firms. Previous empirical studies have largely focused on describing the spatial patterns of logistics but not on explaining the factors that lead to them. To fill this void, we develop a unique dataset of logistics buildings in the Netherlands and employ it in a multinomial logistic regression model to study the impact of key spatial factors on logistics development in the Netherlands during the period 1990-2020. In general, we find a positive influence of highway accessibility on logistics development. Contrary to previous studies in the US, we find a positive influence of rail accessibility and a negative influence of accessibility to airports. The effect of port accessibility and other factors varies with the type of logistics development. Finally, we also present probability maps that illustrate the combined effect of these factors.