Articles | Volume 4
06 Jun 2023
 | 06 Jun 2023

Designing Search Engines for Interactive Web-based Geovisualizations

Phil Hüffer, Auriol Degbelo, and Eftychia Koukouraki

Keywords: geographic information retrieval, visualization search, FAIR interactive visualizations, user-centered information retrieval

Abstract. With the proliferation of interactive (geo) visualizations, their findability has become increasingly challenging and new tools are needed to facilitate their search. This work is a preliminary exploration of features for (geo) visualization classification and users’ wishes regarding search tools for interactive (geo) visualizations. The features were derived through manual inspection of various websites and the users’ wishes were compiled from laddering interviews with eight participants. The results obtained are relevant to the design of software crawling and classifying online geovisualizations, and presenting the results in a user-friendly way.