Articles | Volume 2
04 Jun 2021
 | 04 Jun 2021

A Geo-Dashboard Concept for the Interactively Linked Visualization of Provenance and Data Quality for Geospatial Datasets

Heiko Figgemeier, Christin Henzen, and Arne Rümmler

Keywords: provenance, data quality, metadata, geo-dashboard

Abstract. In Earth System Sciences, a data-driven research domain, several communities discuss the importance, guidance and implementation of making research data findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable. To foster these principles, in particular to support reusability, users need easy-to-use user interfaces with meaningful visualizations for detailed metainformation, e.g. on dataset’s origin and quality. However, visualization tools to facilitate the evaluation of fitness for use of ESS research data on domainspecific metainformation, do hardly exist.

We provide a Geo-dashboard concept for user-friendly interactive and linked visualizations of provenance and quality information using standardized geospatial metadata. A provenance graph visualization serves as overview and entry point for further evaluations. Quality information is essential to evaluate the fitness for use of data. Therefore, we developed quality visualizations on several levels of detail to foster evaluation, e.g. by enabling users to choose and classify quality parameters based on their use-case-specific needs.